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Blockchain Semantics Blog Which Cryptocurrency Debit Card Suits You Best?

Which Cryptocurrency Debit Card Suits You Best?

By Swati Keswani | Aug. 21, 2018, 3:29 p.m. GMT

It is simply amazing to see how far cryptocurrency debit cards have come since the good old days where getting hold of some crypto could be an agonizing procedure.

We've done a small comparison of some of the debit cards to help you conclude which cryptocurrency debit card has the best offerings and which is best for transforming your valuable crypto into fiat money.



A major preferred standpoint with the Uquid debit card is its help for an extensive variety of altcoins (90 cryptocurrencies as per their website), which sets it apart from most cards. There are no fees for loading crypto and clients don't need to undergo a KYC or identity verification straight away. However, the card is then restricted to six buys and four ATM withdrawals daily.


Founded in 2013 by a group of crypto enthusiasts from Russia, Cryptopay has authoritatively gained more than 167,000 unique customers from around the world and has issued more than 37,000 Bitcoin debit cards. Cryptopay stands out amongst the topmost Bitcoin debit card solutions available today. The Cryptopay platform is one of the biggest BTC debit card solutions and oversees around 100,000 transactions monthly.


SpectroCoin is a blockchain wallet that enables users to transform their crypto into either Euros or USD. A plastic USD card will cost around $50 while a virtual Euro card costs €9. SpectroCoin additionally includes a 1% charge for loading crypto to the card and has some more overhead charges if you make purchases with the card. There are several cheaper alternatives out there.


The Wirex app offers both, a virtual card and a physical one, and for a limited time, they are delivering these for free. A novel component on Wirex is Cryptoback™ gives 0.5% on each purchase/transaction made with the card and this to some degree balances the $1.50 monthly account fee.

Coinbase Shift

The Coinbase Shift card is a popular cryptocurrency debit card, which would now be offered to those living in the states with favorable regulations. There is an underlying issuance fee of $20, however, there is no monthly cost or fee for utilizing the account and there is a flat rate of $2.50 on ATM withdrawals. The exceptional perspective here is that installment is taken straight away from the crypto wallet linked to the Shift card and there is no conversion fee when converting it to fiat.

Which cryptocurrency debit cards suits you best?

While these cards provide almost the same services, it’s always better to find out what features work well or suit the best along with the perk of lowest fees. Shift card seems to be the better option amongst all, for the select U.S. residents who can apply. If you are an active user of your cards, Wirex is also a very good choice to make.

The Wirex Cryptoback™ offers 0.5% reward on each purchase that leaves its users with a pleasant reward of BTC that accumulates with time. With regards to the countering of implied charges, these rewards can make up for any underlying charges on issuance of cards or following transactions. Cryptocurrency debit cards will soon become the primary method for payments or purchase in the market.


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