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Blockchain Semantics Blog What Is Blockchain Abilities And Aspirations Survey?

What Is Blockchain Abilities And Aspirations Survey?

By Amit Dudani | July 4, 2018, 2:39 p.m. GMT

We are now ready for the prime time! Blockchain has now reached its breakout moment. It is about to change the world, industry by industry. Or at least that’s what all blogs are written by us, numerous media articles say. We wanted to know the truth. Our careers depend on the truth, and we know that a lot of you have aspirations around Blockchain too. 

Why is this a big deal?

Everyone thinks everyone else is already a Blockchain expert. But, are they? Everyone thinks other companies are all doing Blockchain projects. But, are they? Everyone thinks they should spend money to learn Blockchain. But, should they?

The answer to such questions will emerge from ‘everyone’ filling out this survey.

What will the respondent get?

Randomly selected one-third of all legitimate respondents will get free lifetime access to Course 1- INTRODUCTION TO BLOCKCHAIN AND BITCOIN worth Rs. 17875 by Blockchain Semantics as a token of gratitude for sparing 4 mins of their time. Remember to fill in your LinkedIn profile- that is the only way for us to know you are in fact associated with the IT-ITeS industry.

The respondent will also get access to a summary of the results of the survey in their respective email inboxes.

What will the lucky one-third respondents not get?

The respondent gets access to the course but will not go through the examination and certification. In short, you get the knowledge, not the certification. Remember, we are a business?

How will you pick the random winners?

We will pass your mobile number through a hash function. We get a hexadecimal output. We convert it to Binary. We add all the digits in the binary we get. The smallest summations get the preference. What’s the catch? We aren’t telling you which Hash function we intend to use. Honestly, we haven’t decided yet ourselves. 

So, why wait? Be a part of this survey and get a chance to learn Blockchain for free!

To participate in the survey click here.


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