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Blockchain Semantics Blog UNICEF's Hope Page- Steps towards Cryptocurrency to Raise Funds

UNICEF's Hope Page- Steps towards Cryptocurrency to Raise Funds

By Swati Keswani | May 4, 2018, 1:51 p.m. GMT

Do you donate to charity? If you do not, would you donate to charity if you could donate without spending money? If you are wondering how is this even possible, it is nearly true now. International aid organization UNICEF wants to raise funds for the Rohingya children with the help of Blockchain technology.

They have launched a page called the Hopepage which will let people donate to UNICEF’s Australian branch without paying in money. All you will need to do is just donate some part of your computing power to let them mine the Monero cryptocurrency. They are using a crypto mining service called Coinhive to mine through visitors’ computers.

Over 6000 people have already donated through this Hopepage.  Donaters can decide what amount of computing power they are willing to give to the website from a maximum of 80% (Advisable to not to set up too high a percentage). The longer you stay on the site, the more you are donating. The page says that all mined cryptocurrency will go for the betterment of children towards vaccines, safe water supplies, and curative food.

As soon as you log on to that page, you will see a Start Donating Button. Once you click on it, a pop up appears to warn you that you are giving them access to use your computing power. The website says you can donate only by staying on this page, as long as you are on this page, your computer processing power will be used for cryptocurrency mining. It also assures that the algorithms that will use your computing power works through your browser’s sandbox, hence there is no necessary downloads required to get started. It also shows the speed at which you are mining known as Hash Rate in the upper right corner.

If you are using your laptop for this purpose, your battery will start draining after just a few minutes of you hitting the start donating button. Be aware, as the more power you give, the faster your battery will drain hence advisable to donate when you’re plugged in. If at any point in time you feel worried about power consumption, just lower the percentage of computing power to be used. Mined cryptocurrency is automatically donated to UNICEF Australia, later turned into fiat currency to use it for children’s welfare.

Jennifer Tierney – Director of Fundraising and Communications at UNICEF wanted to leverage the revolutionary technology to spread awareness about humanitarian crises and raise some funds for the betterment and welfare of children stuck in there. Coinhive’s association with UNICEF will be a big plus for the image of the software.

Earlier, before this association Coinhive was associated with a process called Cryptojacking, which was known to mine Monero by using computing power of certain website visitors without their permission or knowledge. Coinhive has also been suspected of being used to target government websites, Google users, and Youtube users, which resulted in listing of Coinhive as a threat to web security.

UNICEF’s idea of letting people donate to charity with cryptocurrency was really creative, and it is the second case where UNICEF chose cryptocurrency to raise funds. Earlier, it had created a site asking people to mine Ethereum for the welfare of Syrian children.

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