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Prominent Personalities In Blockchain World

By Swati Keswani | June 19, 2018, 2:51 p.m. GMT

Warren Buffet has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter where he has tweeted only 9 times from the day he must have started using Twitter, so why do people follow him? Just to know what he thinks, how does he think, because he is a millionaire and every second person wants to become like him. That’s the impact of influential personalities. Blockchain world too has got some prominent influencers, whom you must follow if you wish to keep your bag of knowledge updated.

Influencers in the world of Blockchain:




The author of my favorite book Blockchain revolution, he is the CEO of the Tapscott group, the Founder & Chairman of New Paradigm, the international think tank and the leader of Global Solution Networks. He is now engaged in research on the potential of global web-based networks. His main focus point is to use technology to bring transformation, not only at the organization level but society in general.

He can often be seen on stage with his son Alex Tapscott. If Don doesn’t get you, Alex will!




Jed McCaleb is one of the co-founders of Ripple. Initially, he held around 7.3 billion XRP, of which he donated some to charity. Still, he has possession of about 5.3 billion XRP. McCaleb was ranked 40 in the world richest list of January 2018 with his XRP holding worth $20 billion. In 2013, he parted from Ripple and founded Stellar, which is doing pretty well too.

Seems he has cracked the formula of making a lot of money and some impact along the way too.



Also known as Satoshi Lite, he is the Founder and creator of Litecoin. He is an ex-Director of Engineering at  Coinbase. Although Lee is the creator of Litecoin, he is deeply interested in Bitcoin-specific Projects. Before jumping to Litecoin, he held various engineering projects of big names like Guidewire Software and Google.

Charlie is a big proponent of the Lightning Network. Let’s hope his dream of riding the Lightning Network into acceptance for Litecoin as default everyday payment network comes true. So far, I am still using fiat to buy my milk carton and HODLing Litecoin for speculative gains.



Roger is said to be the world’s first investor in Bitcoin Startups world (including investments in,, Bitpay, Z cash, Kraken, and Roger’s Memory Dealers, a business of computer parts was the first in the race of retailers accepting Bitcoin payment. BCH (Bitcoin Cash) came into existence after forking Bitcoin blockchain, it is said that this fork was planned and plotted by Roger. Recently, he joined forces with Calvin Ayre, who runs a few poker/gambling websites, currently with the U.S. active arrest warrants. Rumors say that they are planning together “The Death of Bitcoin”.

He now makes it a point to call Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core to perpetuate the belief that there is no real Bitcoin any longer. There is Mr. Ver. It’s called Bitcoin.



One of the early adopter of Bitcoins’ technology and second to join the race of cryptocurrencies, the Founder of Ethereum project. Ethereum came into existence in 2015, since inception it had faced a lot of ups and downs, 2016 was no different with the hack of DAO and the release of second Ethereum, Homestead. Ethereum no doubt came with the considerable amount of innovation in the crypto world. It holds a strong community support and definitely has the bright future.



The Co-Founder and CEO of Angelist, also an enthusiast investor in one of the first crypto index funds, Bitwise Asset Management. He also acts as capital and advisory provider to a Blockchain startup Blockstack, which successfully released its first decentralized browser.

Naval is a great influencer outside the crypto world as well. He is one man who seems to have it all- money, peace and wisdom. See this Tweetstorm for a sample of his wisdom.   




The writer of a popular bitcoin learning guide, “Mastering Bitcoin”, also a reputed and well know the public speaker. He is sometimes referred as Bitcoin Ambassador, as he passionately speaks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in front of large audiences.

He can often be heard on multiple Podcasts and claims to take payments for all his appearances in Bitcoins only. I now know one man really troubled by the recent crash in Bitcoin prices.



Most commonly known for his research in digital currency and contracts. It is said that the concept of decentralizing a digital currency hit his mind back in 1998, where he had thought of a mechanism for decentralizing a digital currency and designed Bit Gold. Though it never implemented back then, it is believed to be a precursor of Bitcoin. In fact, he has been credited for deriving the term “Smart Contracts”.

Check out his wildly followed blog here. Every single one of his blog post is a long form.




He is among the highly influential personality in the crypto world and most prominent member of Bitcoin community, as he is one of the core developers of original Bitcoin. It is said that he had worked with Satoshi Nakamoto in person while developing Bitcoin.

Oh, did I forget to mention he is rich, really rich?


 Now that we have reached Bitcoin developers, how can I miss out on Satoshi Nakamoto? The creator of Bitcoin, at least mentioned in its whitepaper. His identity is a mystery, in fact, nobody knows whether it’s an individual or a group of people. He was never seen in reality and was last in talks in 2011. A lot of people were accused of being Satoshi, but nobody accepted or claimed to be one. I think keeping his identity a secret is his way of adding some magic and excitement in the Bitcoin world.

These are just some of the prominent personalities, there are a lot more. I will definitely come with some more shortly to help you update your bag of knowledge. 


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