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The Birth of BlockchainSemantics

By Anurag Srivastava | April 5, 2018, 6:35 a.m. GMT

We are a bunch of Blockchain enthusiasts and we strongly believe that it holds the potential of changing the way the world operates. We believe that Blockchain will change the way some (and not all) of the industries function and it will change for good.

BlockchainSemantics was founded by three friends. They hail from top Indian institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, and IIM Bangalore. When they bumped into the white paper of Bitcoin written by Satoshi Nakamoto, they knew that Blockchain is not just any other technology. That's when they started digging deep into Blockchain, only to get more convinced and inspired by it. That's also when the team started taking shape. Given the founders' love for IIT Kharagpur, ~50% of the team is from the same institute.

When we were unboxing Blockchain, we knew immediately that Trade Finance and Direct Transfer of Benefits were two places where Blockchain would definitely have an impact. We started building POCs for it. We read books after books, articles after articles just to understand how Blockchain works and how to build products on it. We were stunned by the poor quality content on the Internet. There were tons of articles and blog posts which were factually incorrect. It made no sense and we were not able to proceed. We had to take a call.

BlockchainSemantics was born! We knew our team had the pedigree and intelligence to figure out everything about Blockchain on our own. We cloned the GitHub repositories of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We started going through the code class by class, function by function. Only then we were truly able to understand the concepts behind the technology. We owe it to the Internet and to the tech community. It was our time to educate techies, businessmen, and inquisitive minds around the world about the technology. We carved out three Blockchain courses.


1) Blockchain Courses Part 1- Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin:

The aim of this course is to educate people about the principles, behavior, and key characteristics of Blockchain. With this course, readers will be able to take the call if Blockchain fits the bill for their need. They will be able to “think” where and how Blockchain makes most of the impact. Key topics covered under this course:

  1.  What is Blockchain

  2.  The journey of Blockchain

  3.  How Blockchain works

  4.  Key Characteristics

  5.  Application of Blockchain

  6.  Challenges of Blockchain technology

  7. Other key concepts like Smart Contracts, Smart Assets, Financial Services

2) Blockchain Courses Part 2- Developing Decentralized Applications on Ethereum using Solidity:

This course targets the coders/developers who are interested in building applications on Blockchain platform. At the end of this course, we expect developers to be able to write Smart Contracts, fire up mining nodes, making front-end talk to Ethereum Blockchain. Key topics covered under this course:

  1.  Understanding how Ethereum works

  2.  Smart Contracts

  3.  Introduction to Oracle services on Blockchain

  4.  Using IPFS to store files on Blockchain

  5.  Developing and deploying trade finance Dapp

3) Blockchain Courses Part 3 – Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies:

This course is designed for the newbie cryptocurrency investors. With this course, we want them to be educated about the science behind different coins and how not to fall into the traps of scams. In this course, we tell our readers about steps to follow to securely buy and sell coins. We educate them about how to identify if a project worth their money. Key topics covered under this course:

  1. How Blockchain works

  2. What is cryptocurrency

  3. What are top cryptocurrencies 

  4. Cryptocurrency wallets 

  5. Why Cryptocurrencies and ICOs 

  6. Understand all inherent risks 

  7. Technical analysis 

  8. How and where to invest 

  9. Your first investment 

  10. Long-term investment and strategies

  11. Short-term investment and strategies 

  12. Should you invest in Bitcoin mining 

  13. Researching about cryptocurrencies

  14. Deep dives into top coins

Apart from these paid online courses on Blockchain, we have hundreds of free blog posts, videos, and seminars revolving around Blockchain world. We cover key topics on Blockchain and our point of views on some of the important events happening around.

BlockchainSemantics' mantra is to provide knowledge to the people worldwide with the help of online Blockchain courses. We want to be a part of this revolution and we intend to play a key role in it.

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Course 1

Introduction to
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Developing Decentralized
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Course 3

Investing In Bitcoin
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