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Blockchain Semantics Blog How do you to get a Job in Cryptocurrency?

How do you to get a Job in Cryptocurrency?

By Swati Keswani | April 4, 2018, 1:46 p.m. GMT

Cryptocurrencies have been stealing the limelight since last year and most companies worth their salt are now knee deep in plans to work with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and altcoins. Close to 258 organizations have raised around $5.6 billion in just the first quarter of 2018 via ICOs. That’s a lot of money!

This increase in the number of companies dealing with ICOs is creating a lot of new opportunities in relevant technologies such as cryptocurrency startups to blockchain developers, etc.In fact, recent studies estimate that the job postings for blockchain have gone up by nearly 500% since 2015.

However, this upcoming technology isn’t just cutting edge but also fairly lucrative. According to the Paysa report, the average salary for aspirants in blockchain jobs can be around $97,000 and if you are lucky, you can rake in much more than that.

You may have missed the $100 Billion bus of Bitcoin but you can definitely make up for it by getting on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Looking closely at the current trends, it is safe to say that this is an industry that is worth considering and is definitely here to stay. 

What kind of Cryptocurrency Jobs can you get?

Now, while the market is new and the foundation is still not set, there’s plenty of reasons to get everyone super excited about dipping into the job pool. There are a lot of startups in the industry and are hiring their team with salaries that are beating industry standards by a substantial margin of nearly 10-20%. The perks and benefits of working in such companies are highly competitive and if you’re looking for a digital migrant life, you can always turn your sights to various off-lying and freelance consultant positions.

What roles is everyone looking out for?


  • Expected salary: Around $105K/year
  • You are expected to translate technical concepts/developer language to English and vice versa. In addition, you will have to plan and supervise the execution of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.
  • To get this post, you should have a degree in business-related subject and experience in project management. You should also be aware of the basics of cryptocurrency/blockchain (preferably with a certification).


  • Expected salary: Around $120,931/year
  • You are expected to predict cryptocurrency prices with deep learning and research and give data-driven insights.
  • To get this post, you should have a degree in CS, math, or data science.


Don’t want to work in technical space? Don’t worry because there’s various non-technical roles going around as well. If you wish to go ahead with this career but want posts in operations, sales, or marketing, you can enjoy the mixture of the two by working in the relevant departments of the cryptocurrency organizations. If you’re a new graduate or looking to switch your industry space, you can also look out for internships.

Who is Hiring?

Companies planning or launching the new coin/token

Companies planning or launching new tokens and doing ICOs works on projects, where team members are building entirely new currency, products, and applications using blockchain technology.For example, BitBix, Aidcoin, Brave ICO, etc.


Where there’s a wave, there are startups and the crypto startup space is no different. The money invested in crypto startups in the first half of 2017 alone was more than combined investment of 2016. There is a wide range of startups that are working to build and improve products like chatbots, electronic health records, gaming, search engines, file sharing, HR, and much more.For example, Lazooz, Coinbase, etc. Whether you are a blockchain expert or not, avoid the whole crypto talk at your own peril.

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