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Blockchain Semantics Blog These cryptocurrency analysis tools will make you rich

These cryptocurrency analysis tools will make you rich

By Swati Keswani | Oct. 8, 2018, 2:10 p.m. GMT

All of you must have heard the famous quote “buy the rumor, sell the news”. That’s the case with cryptocurrencies. Now, where do these rumors come in from? That is exactly what I am going to write about.


  • CoinMarketCal

I have been using CoinMarketCal, a proof-based, network driven cryptocurrency timetable for over six months now. It is an impeccable, free tool if you want to read up on credible news and bits of gossip or rumors about your most loved cryptocurrency. As per timeline-based news, one can detail their purchase/offer/HODL strategies.

I use it very often and you can also do so without much of a stretch while gaining up to 20%, simply in view of rumors and news as directed by CoinMarketCap. You can expect an accuracy of over 90% of whatever you see on CoinMarketCal, on the grounds that it is proven.


  • Onchain FX

Like CoinMarketCap investors are curious to know everything.

OnChainFX gives you coin esteem and market information while giving you a chance to tweak the datasets in a million distinctive ways. The interface gives you data on the greatest rises and falls of the day and in spite of the overloaded data, it's all very simple to process. Yet, the information they give is the thing that makes OnChainFX so distinctive and beneficial.

Putting resources in the scopes of crypto includes a specific level of theory. Yet, with OnChainFX, your theory depends on each metric and examination you could envision.


  • Blockfolio

While it might be easy to manage a few bits of BTC and ETH, monitoring a more extensive portfolio can get overwhelming. Confusion can cause you to lose time, which might make you miss the ideal time to buy or sell your coins.

With Blockfolio, you don't need to worry about handling large portfolios. Blockfolio is a versatile application that gives you a chance to track all your crypto possessions (supports more than 3000 coins) and their value on the exchanges of your choice. This enables you to r manage your whole portfolio in one place. Following the movement of each holding and setting alerts for any drastic changes in their values will keep you on top of your earnings and

it's totally free as well!


  • Satoshi Pulse

At long last,'s own one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency tracker, Satoshi Pulse, is a prettier Coinmarketcap with a Bitcoin Cash slant. Its outlines are especially decent for anybody looking for a fresh and clean method for viewing current and authentic market information.


  • Blockmodo and Coinratecap

For anybody looking for a Coinmarketcap with added highlights, Blockmodo and Coinratecap both have their respective benefits. Blockmodo includes social, video, and network information that gives a more detailed view of the performance of the business sectors.

Coinratecap gives consistently updated values and includes a helpful list of the best 100 crypto trades.

I would recommend you try out these cool cryptocurrency analysis tools and track all your crypto investments to make better decisions on buying, selling, or hodling your coins.

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