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Blockchain Semantics Blog 8 Female Influencers In The Blockchain World

8 Female Influencers In The Blockchain World

By Swati Keswani | July 23, 2018, 2:40 p.m. GMT

In a world that’s campaigning strongly for equality today, it’s only right that we acknowledge the achievements of women tycoons in the world of Cryptocurrency. Here are some of the more important and interesting women stalwarts in the industry today:

Elizabeth Stark

A co-founder of Lightning Engineering- an open layer protocol that uses the power of Blockchain to build fast, cheap, and private transactions available to anyone in the world, is not only a Harvard law school graduate but also an affiliate member at the Harvard Berkman Center for Society and Internet. She laid a foundation program to help students develop projects that could improve the ancient internet technology when she was teaching at Stanford and Yale. 

You can follow her here: Twitter

Blythe Masters

Blythe is a graduate from the University of Cambridge and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in economics. She has worked with JP Morgan – one of the biggest financial services in the world for about 15 years, later moving to the Group International Advisory Board as Senior Blockchain advisor in 2016. She has founded Digital Asset, a company that specializes in Blockchain solutions for financial institutions and banks.

You can follow her here: LinkedInTwitter

Preethi Kasireddy

One of the biggest reasons Preethi is a Blockchain influencer is because she is a Blockchain Engineer. She showcases her Blockchain development knowledge on her social media handles and believes crypto is a lot more than just investments. She is also an alum of Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, and Andreessen Horowitz. She was also called for Ethereum Developers Conference as a speaker.

You can follow her here: Twitter

Ginni Rometty

Ginni is the first woman to head IBM where she has been working since 1981. She is currently working as a VP at IBM Global Business Services, where she successfully integrated with PriceWaterhouse Coopers consulting. Blockchain and AI are always the topics of interest in her talks. She is very active on IBMs twitter handle where she maintains that Blockchain is the new Internet. Here’s one of her many tweets Blockchain:



Linda Xie

A former project manager at CoinBase and now the co-founder of Scalar Capital – an investment management firm shares her knowledge on cryptocurrency investments with her47,000 twitter followers. If you wish to fetch knowledge on what coins or altcoins should you invest in, she has a lot for you to read.

You can follow her here: Twitter

Meltem Demiros

She is a keen supporter of the Blockchain industry and an active investor, in addition to being a Director of Development at an investment firm dedicated to digital currencies, Digital Currency Group. She has mastered and has a degree in Mathematical economic and an MBA from MIT. She is also the member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain.

You can follow her here: Twitter

Carolyn Teckhow

The Director of Operations at ConsenSys – a Blockchain app production studio that is building DApps for the Ethereum ecosystem. She shares news, updates, and happenings, as well as her thoughts on the crypto-space on social media handles.

You can follow her here: Twitter

Neha Narula

Neha Narula, the Director of MIT Digital Currency Initiative – a group that focuses on Cryptocurrency and underlying tech, holds multiple degrees in Computer Science from MIT  and Dartmouth. She shares insights of her fundamental research on Cryptocurrency’s technologies, associated benefits, risks, etc.

You can follow her here: Twitter

These are some of the most influential female personalities in the Blockchain world and there are a whole lot more of them. You can do your share of research and follow them.


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